Winter Pond Prep

Well it finally that time of the year again and for some folks, the late fall offers some of the best pond views as nuisance weeds and algae go to sleep until next year. Most of the time there is not a lot to do other than enjoy the remaining ‘warm’ days and get prepared for next year!

But, here are a few tips that might help prep your lake or pond for next season;

1) Do what you can to keep fall leaves and other debris from landing in your pond. This excess organic matter breaks down into muck and fuels which help feed algae and weeds in the spring.

2) Plan ahead when selecting fertilizers that will be applied near your pond. With the early rains next year, many fertilizers wind up running into your pond and add valuable nitrates and phosphates which algae and weeds love! Try to seek out more organic or natural fertilizers or lawn additives that are safer for the environment and less damaging to your ponds ecosystem.

3) Decide ahead of time how to deal with early pond growth. Many pond owners have great success using Aquashade early in the spring just when things get started. Using Aquashade to reduce light early in the spring helps throw a wrench in the growth cycle for the entire year! Think of this method as if you were to place a large ‘blanket’ over your greenhouse where you start off your prize tomatoes early in the spring. By placing a blanket over your greenhouse you can rest assured that you will NOT be growing prize tomatoes this year.Great looking pond in the fall

4) Add beneficial bacteria to your pond to help reduce fuels which empower dreaded algae and weeds to take over. The muck in the bottom of your pond is there to fuel your growth and the only way to remove that muck is to dredge (very costly) or use a powerful bacteria to digest the muck and expedite it’s breakdown into gases and water.

5) Make note of which weeds are infesting your lake right now! Knowing what type of plant or algae you have will greatly benefit you in planning a formidable attack on any new growth next year. Newtechbio, Inc. helps consumers identify their weed or algae infestations and will explain each weed and how best to treat it, and get rid of it for good. Best of all, there is no charge for their service and they can help just by looking at your email photos. Give them a call – 800-509-0927 or email them at and learn what weeds/algae your pond needs to get rid of!

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