Spring Weather Means Aquatic Weeds Are On The Way

Well, it’s that time of the year again where your pond looks great after the long winter die-off. But for many lake and pond owners, that break from the ongoing battle against weeds and algae is just a brief time of relief until the explosion of growth returns. Luckily, there is a solution that works well for most folks, but it takes persistence, and a little time, to get your pond back in tip-top shape.

Now, for many people, applying Aquashade Pond Dye will block enough sunlight that the weed growth is kept to a minimum. Aquashade is a phenomenal lake colorant, but as with any product, too much of a good thing isn’t always the best approach. You see, applying Aquashade at recommended rates creates a powerful barrier to help keep weeds and algae suppressed. But, there are various types of aquatic growth that don’t need hardly any sunlight to flourish. So, these types of growth appear regardless of how much lake dye you apply.

Some weeds such as watermeal and duckweed are of a floating type plant where aquatic dyes will yield no effect or control. Pond owners plagued by these growths can only find a solution using suitable aquatic herbicides designed to knock-down these infestations, while at the same time, doing so in a manner that is safe for your family, pet’s and aquatic life. So, for those situations where dye just can’t take care of the problem, most folks turn to Sonar Genesis as the preferred method for control of aquatic weeds.

Sonar Genesis 1 gallon container

Sonar Genesis 1 gallon container

Sonar Genesis contains a powerful ingredient ‘fluridone’ which will completely eradicate most nuisance pond weeds when used as directed. It is the premier go-to product for pond applicators worldwide and is manufactured by the leading US based aquatic control company SePRO. SePRO manufactures a full line of fluridone based products which are sold exclusively through select distributors, but for aquatic weed growth, Sonar Genesis is their flagship product.

Why is Sonar Genesis better than all other brands and variations of fluridone you ask? Well, the answer is quite interesting. As of this writing, there are two companies offering fluridone based aquatic weed control products in various sizes and concentrations. However, while all of them do a fine job of taking care of most weeds, Sonar Genesis is created in such a way that the chemical molecule inside it is much smaller than other fluridone based formulations. What does that mean for me? Well, where other formulations of fluridone fail to penetrate the fine cellular membrane of certain weeds, Sonar Genesis (with much smaller molecules) is able to enter that membrane and effect the weed where others are stopped by the plants natural barrier. So, because it is chemically ‘smaller’, Sonar Genesis is able to enter the ‘door’ that prevents other formulations of fluridone from entry.

So, as a result, Sonar Genesis works faster and better than any other fluridone based product. And since it is so chemically ‘tiny’, it can actually be sprayed on duckweed and watermeal for use as a rapid knock-down killer. All other formulations of fluridone can never be sprayed directly on the weeds since that would only allow the product to evaporate, sending your hard earned dollars down-the-drain. So, when dealing with a persistent floating growth problems, Sonar Genesis may be your answer. And as with any aquatic chemical, make sure that you purchase the product from a reputable Sonar Genesis dealer that you can speak with over the phone, and one that can help you decide how much chemical is needed, how to apply it and most importantly, what time of the year.

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