Aquashade® is EPA Registered to Control Growth

Aquashade is an EPA registered dye that is applied to lakes and ponds either to help reduce subsurface algae and weed growth, or to help improve the appearance of the water making it more aesthetically appealing.
Unlike many lower grade dyes on the market, Aquashade not only contains blue as the base dye, but also a ‘hidden’ yellow tint which is not visible to the naked eye. The blue and the yellow combination filters out the red-orange and blue-violet wavelengths of the sunlight spectrum which is needed by plants for photosynthesis.

Studies have shown that while blue alone can be moderately effective at restricting specific wavelengths that ‘feed’ plant growth, the inclusion of yellow dyes further enhances the blocking ability by broadening the wavelength range blocked.

Aquashade is more powerful at curtailing growth than any other non-registered aquatic dye manufactured. While there are many different dyes available on the open market, only those that are EPA registered can ‘claim’ to perform. Unfortunately, many retailers and distributers offering non-registered dyes use such claims so as to promote sales, sometimes even to the extent of comparing inferior dye products to the Aquashade brand.

When searching for a suitable dye it is important to first decide what your goals are and what you expect to gain from the dye. If you are merely seeking a visual improvement in water appearance, trial and error will most likely result in you finding your perfect match that appeals to you and looks great in ‘your’ water. There are many different factors which determine how each dye will ‘look’ in your lake or pond, which include water temperature, chemical makeup, PH and other factors. So, trying a few different brands will help you find your favorite.

If your goal includes the suppression of weed or algae growth, choose Aquashade as it is designed for suppression and can claim to do so per its EPA registration status. Aside from adding a very pleasing aesthetic appearance to your lake, Aquashade also packs the power to thwart growth. This two pronged method is effective, thus the reason Aquashade is the most popular aquatic dye in the nation.

Instructions are included with each container of Aquashade however application is fairly easy. Simple pour the liquid product in various areas around your pond and within a few hours, a uniform blue color will now take the place of your previous murky or stale appearance.

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